Yellowstone’s Winter Wildlife Seven Day Photo Safari

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Start the New Year a new photographer

By Simon Weir – Professional X-Photographer

If you’re like most people, much of the time you live life on autopilot. Everyday tasks, like taking a shower and driving to work are managed by long-established habits. This leaves the mind free to think but rather than exploiting this freedom the mind, left unattended, fills its day with internal chatter about what happened yesterday or last week or what you have to do after lunch or this coming weekend. Sometimes it all gets a bit too much.


What is “enlightened photography”?

Photography provides an opportunity to give our minds a holiday but unless we also clear the mind of its senseless chatter, photographs only ever reflect our cluttered existence. That is why, on a Magic Is Photo Safari, we teach more than just the technical aspects of photography. We also help you to be mindful…

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