My pictures on the wall – Finally

Finally I have all my pictures on the wall in the gallery. It as been a journey for more then two years to go from idea to realization, and I learned a lot, got new friends and experienced a fantastic country and landscape -Iceland.

As someone said – It is the journey not the goal that is important.

It all started with a dream to go to Iceland and explore the landscape. Interupted by mother earth and the vulcano eruption with a lot of ash in the air I finaly made it during 2012. Together with people from USA, Spain, Austria, Iceland I went on a timelapse workshop for two weeks. The workshop was organized by Erique Pacheco and our master in timelapse Dustin Farell. You can see their work on Vimeo.

I learned a lot about timelapse and meet a lot of people with a similar passion for photography as I have. We traveled along the south coast from the west to the east and saw the magic landscape of Iceland.

Iceland’s fantastic landscape is a must see landscape. Go there if You have the oportunity – You will not be disapointed.

You can see my pictures in the gallery here.


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