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Square or rectangular – that’s the question

I have been struggling with Instagram for a while and can not decide which way to go. It’s obvious that Instagram interface is created for the square format. I like square format, used the Hasselblad and its 6×6 format for a long time and just love it. But a lot of my pictures today is … Continue reading Square or rectangular – that’s the question

New iPad – do you need it

I do! I have already ordered it and will get it somewhere between 12-15 of November. What I really look forward to is to run the new full version of Photoshop on my iPad, okey I use Affinity Photo for iPad and it’s a great app but still lack features that Affinity Pro got, but … Continue reading New iPad – do you need it

Instagram and our followers

A reflection from my time on Instagram is that a lot of following action is made with the single purpose to get followers and the remove the one you just followed ASAP. Don’t know what people want to achieve with this, does it look better to have many followers and follow few, are you looking … Continue reading Instagram and our followers

My pictures on the wall – Finally

Finally I have all my pictures on the wall in the gallery. It as been a journey for more then two years to go from idea to realization, and I learned a lot, got new friends and experienced a fantastic country and landscape -Iceland. As someone said – It is the journey not the goal … Continue reading My pictures on the wall – Finally

Fuji X100 – min nya leksak

Nu har jag haft min X100 en tid. Den har varit med mig i Köpenhamn och lite olika turer. Har till och med haft den med på en bröllopsfotografering. I början hade jag problem liknande dom som man kan läsa om på webben, svårt att fokusera, långsam uppstart. Efter att ha uppgraderar firmware och hittat … Continue reading Fuji X100 – min nya leksak