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6 month with the new large iPad

After six month with the larger iPad Pro I still use my smaller iPad for most tasks. The larger one is used for photo editing, drawing, other creative work and portfolio presentations. And to this it is awesome.

But for reading news and watching YouTube on the go it is to large IMHO.

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Gäller att hålla sig i form

Nu när jag fått mer tid att styra över själv ska jag väl hinna träna mer regelbundet. Sagt och gjort nu har jag skaffat träningskort på Friskis i Varberg. Har nästan alltid haft träningskort men antagligen varit en av dom mest lönsamma kunderna med lågt utnyttjande – nu ska det bli ändring.

Hittills kört sådär 2,5ggr per vecka sedan nyår och det ska jag försöka hålla. Men idag blev det ett litet hack, måste förbereda mig för en serie workshops i blixtfotografering och ljussättning som jag ska hålla under februari. Ska använda utrustning som jag inte är riktigt van vid så jag måste bekanta mig med den och det blev just idag av alla dagar. Varför undrar väl vän av ordning, du styr ju över din tid nu. Men om man vill ha en modell att testa ljuset på så måste man anpassa sig. Det får bli träning imorgon istället.

Testet gick bra och det blev en del bra bilder, gillar svartvitt, här enkel ljussättning med en lampa.

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Square or rectangular – that’s the question

I have been struggling with Instagram for a while and can not decide which way to go.

It’s obvious that Instagram interface is created for the square format. I like square format, used the Hasselblad and its 6×6 format for a long time and just love it. But a lot of my pictures today is best viewed rectangular and not cropped to 1×1. I realize I can go one of two routes

1 cropping

2 enlarge the white frame

What do you prefer and what is your advice to me, please let me know.

An example of what I mean. You can see more of My Instagram account following the link.

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New iPad – do you need it

I do!

I have already ordered it and will get it somewhere between 12-15 of November.

What I really look forward to is to run the new full version of Photoshop on my iPad, okey I use Affinity Photo for iPad and it’s a great app but still lack features that Affinity Pro got, but much better then the Photoshop experience on the iPad.

Stay tuned and I will keep you updated on my thoughts about the new iPad as soon as I got it.

One of my photos from my last visit to Iceland edited in LR on my iPad Pro.

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Instagram and our followers

A reflection from my time on Instagram is that a lot of following action is made with the single purpose to get followers and the remove the one you just followed ASAP.

Don’t know what people want to achieve with this, does it look better to have many followers and follow few, are you looking better or more important or what is it?

In my eyes it is selfish and disrespectful and only shows that you are uninterested to learn from others and not understand that there is a lot of brilliant people and photographers out there and that you have a lot to learn from them.

So – stop trying to look important an start share and learn from others this way you will grow as a person and as photographer.

Have a look at My Instagram account

Please share your thoughts with me and my followers

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Is there a difference between a picture and a phot

Good question that I got from a friend of mine and I hade to think about it. And yes in my opinion there is a difference. To me a picture is something that can be created using a variety of tools as well as combining different photos. While a photo in my opinion is captured and showing what was happening at the very moment when I pushed the trigger, what do you think.


This is a picture created by using two photos, would you consider this a photograph? Please share your opinion.